How the Betting System in Thai Arenas Works


In Thailand, gambling is technically prohibited countrywide. However, registered Muay arenas
get an exceptional reception. Registered Muay Thai venues hold matches that are legal to
gamble. Only registered bookies are allowed to receive wagers on prize matches, locally referred
to as derm pan.

Muay Fights Attract Gamblers

Many established stadium organizers suggest that kickboxing would have never claimed massive
attention from spectators were it not for the fact that it attracts gamblers. It is the same for
football fans who bet on league matches both locally and internationally. Lately, however, there
have been claims by the opponents that bookies create the match-fixing ring. But side bets
wagered on fights keep growing despite these allegations.
In 2012, a fight between Somrak Thor Thepsutin and Yodwanpadet Gaiyanghaadao yielded a
record of 5.77 million Baht. Bookies would consider smaller bets from the public, which is a
different story when it comes to gambling on combat sports in other countries. So, getting
conversant with a Muay Thai bet can save money while also helping to attend matches with
relatively unfamiliar contenders.

Use of Gestures to Bet

Almost every arena applies gestures during wagering. Placing bets takes place while the
audience is seated in the grandstands though the session can sometimes get quite hostile.
Gamblers wave an open palm to signal a bet on an underdog while those betting on the favorite
push their palm down. Unluckily, the gesturing can sometimes confuse. First, gamblers must
hold up fingers to show the odds they wish to bet within a particular fight. Secondly, the crew
indicates the initial quotation with their fingers according to the price of the fighters. In response,
the audience uses fingers to indicate how much they want to bet.

An open palm followed by wiggling the thumb shows that a fight indicates 5-4 odds. Wagers lift
their index finger for 100 Baht, thumb for 1,000 Baht, a closed fist to indicate 10,000 Baht, while
all ten fingers suggest 100,000 Baht. Mastering these gestures before putting them into practice
is advisable. The slightest mistake can lead to huge losses.

Official’s Cunningness

The officials are very attentive to the amount of money wagered on fights. Once in a while, they
give a close match to the underdog to cut down the flow of money towards the side of spectators.
Even though this act has been a great concern to the spectators, it thrives in various Boxing

Some of the bookies at smaller events may not make good of the bettors' financial obligations. In
case a bettor owes a significant amount of money to bookie staffs, the officials come after the
gambler. Even though this practice is unlawful, the set rules' enforcement is not as strict as in the
past. So, each bettor should do thorough research on the arena they plan to watch a fight.
When it comes to the probability of winning a Muay Fight bet, a favorite has more chances. But
the odds can be closer, making the stakes less significant for a bettor wagering on a favorite. And
while wagers sometimes pocket huge profits, the positives and shortcomings of Muay Thai will
continue to raise heated debate across the boxing industry. Boxing remains one of the activities
you can bet on online, from wherever you are in Thailand.


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