The High Cost of Thai boxing


More kids in Thailand now realize the value of Thai boxing as a career alternative, and a way to make
money. It’s also now seen to be a good option among the many low-income families in Thailand, a
reason many parents are sending their children to learn the art.

Their blows, kicks and kneeing in the ring can earn them not only the victory of the game but also,
the money labelled as their actual prize. Most of the Muay Thai boxers and fighters belong to
families who are underprivileged and impoverished. Often, the parents of these fighters are
cleaners, farmers or construction workers, who themselves struggle to make the two ends meet.
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The Thai Boxing Stories You Need to Know

Sarawut Hiyoshi, the owner of a recognized Muay Thai Gym, stated to the Nation Weekend that the
mother of a boxer, who was trained by them, was a cleaner at one of the temples. But, from the day
his student started earning decently, the family went on to never take a loan again.
Similarly, a twelve-year-old boy, Tawin Puensopa tells his tale about supporting his family in financial
crisis through martial arts. He further talked about how his father is a construction worker, and his
mother had debts over shoulders. He reminisced how his mother’s eyes had welled up when he gave
her, a few 100 baht, which he had won from his first fight. Now, he has improved a lot and earned
about 1,500 baht in every fight.

Small children living in the neighbourhood, who’ve merely touched the age of 12, are often lured
into illegal drug trading, and thus, parents view these boxing camps as a way to protect their
children from getting into the vicious market of drugs.

The coach, Sarawut says that drug addicts were nowhere to be found near his camp. He believes
that when children train in boxing, all their energy is consumed by the game and its practice. They
don’t have the time or attention to serve to these drug rackets in such a case. He acknowledged how
boxing and the training sessions had improved children’s health. The workout was able to cure
chronic issues like obesity and asthma.

However, there is a growing amount of flake being received on how the children can get badly
injured and could end up damaging their bodies and brains for life. Therefore, the cabinet has
received and considered a draft on boxing bill which will prohibit children under the age of 15 from
entering the competitions. Along the same lines, children aged 12 or lower could be completely
banned from entering the ring.

People have understood how boxing has never been a game ensuring complete safety, even when
the child has all the safety gears. But, people’s conditions have taken a toll on them.


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