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Compression clothing in combat sports / Muay Thai – Compression clothing is nowadays very popular in the sports segment. In the fitness studio as well as in combat sports centers compression clothing is common gear. How useful compression gear in combat sports is, and what advantages it offers to its wearer, we explain you here.

Compression clothing general advantages

Compression clothing in sports should provide support, increase performance and accelerate the regeneration of the muscles. But, is this really the truth? What really brings compression for you? What are the benefits of the tight clothing for combat athletes and athletes?

For decades there are already compression-bandages for the legs. However, the latest trend is full-body compression solutions. The desired advantages of compression gear at a glance:

  • Lower vulnerability
  • Faster regeneration
  • Supporting
  • Increased performance

The compression gear supports the muscle pump and the lymph vessels from the outside. This improves blood circulation – so the muscle is better supplied with blood. The effects described above are at least encouraged or favored. In the end, compression clothing is definitely not a miracle weapon, but also always a bit of a mental thing.

From a scientific perspective, there is no clear unanimous consensus. The effect of the compression has proven itself in various studies, but clearly the promised effects are not proven. The quality of the research results is too different. Only the improved venous return current appears to have been consistently demonstrated.

Compression clothing in combat sports, Muay Thai and other sports

In the Muay Thai, especially a short compression pant under the MuayThai-Shorts can lead to a better warming of the leg musculature in the thigh area. In addition, the vibration of the muscles during kicks is reduced by the compression.

In other sports such as MMA and Grappling, tight-fitting compression clothing has the additional effect of absorbing fluid and not drowning the training partner in a cotton shirt. Also the tight fit of the shirt and the trousers is a good thing in the Grappling, as there are no annoying cloths hanging around and grappling possibilities offered.

The best compression pants and compression shirts

In general, there are a few manufacturers for compression pants and shirts. Above all, UnderArmour offers a wide range of compression clothing for athletes. Runners, athletes and MMA-Fighters can find the best gear there. The quality of the compression clothing is very good and also the breathing activity is guaranteed by Under Armor.

For boxers, kickboxers and Muay Thai fighters, we recommend compression pants from Under Armor as well as from Venum.

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For Grappling and MMA fighters, however, UnderArmour is not the best choice, there are specialised brands with clear focus on grappling gear. Venum offers a wide range of compression clothing and grappling sets. But also BadBoy, Hayabusa, Phantom and Tatami are offering very good grappling rash guards and pants.

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What are your experiences with compression shirts & pants in combat sports?

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