How to Improve your Muay Thai Skills


How to improve Muay Thai skills – A Muay Thai fighter can never get enough training and experience. You can be very successful, but you will never be the best, because somewhere in the world, there is someone who is better than you. That is why it is so important to constantly improve your Muay Thai skills and continue to develop yourself. We’ll show you how you can improve your Muay Thai skills.

Train in a real Muay Thai Camp

Especially important is it to train in a real Muay Thai Camp at least once in your lifetime. There are many studios where you can train, but the training in a real Muay Thai Camp in Thailand will teach you a special combat style. Our partner in Phuket, the Tiger Muay Thai, offers exactly that. Here you can either just train, join a group or improve your skills through a private training. The trainer who will then train you is a professional in his field and can teach you something new and / or enhance your existing abilities.

If you are unsure whether the school you are looking for offers, please contact them in advance or search for reports on the Internet. We can only recommend you our partner in Thailand who is one of the most popular Muay Thai schools in Thailand.

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Watch Videos and Fights

Even by watching videos e.g. on YouTube, you can continue to develop and improve your skills. Of course, not only from watching, the training itself is still the most important. But through the different fights and instructions you can see how other fighters act and react and how they got the victory.

There are also videos, where new techniques like striking and kicks as well a combination are presented in detail and you can learn these steps easily for yourself if you are a good technique fighter already. These How-To videos are particularly useful if you want to learn new combinations and skills.

Here we have collected some very interesting videos from our partner TMT, so you can get an overview of the video training.

Train in different studios

Maybe you are already training in an excellent studio, but at some point there is no enhancing of skills available in the same environment. We advise you to practice in other studios, even in other countries. Even if the school does not have the same reputation as in your hometown, you will surely learn something new to improve your combat skills and have an advantage in the next fight.

Thailand is the number one, because here Muay Thai was finally invented. There are countless trainingscamps where you can improve your skills guaranteed. It is only important to know before which of the schools have a good reputation and which actually offer a private training to improve your skills. In Thailand you also have the big advantage that the most trainers are very experienced fighters with more than 200 fights in the past.

Eat properly – The right nutrition

The right diet also plays a very important role. You have to be in top shape, because only when you are in a super form, you can also develop and be even better in the fight. Since the topic is very complex and is different from person to person, we can not advise you here. The best thing is to do it at the camp, where you train and talk to the nutritionist on site. At the Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket, there is a restaurant where you can get advice for optimal nutrition.

Training, training and some more training

In the end you should never give to train. The only way to improve your Muay Thai Skills is hard training, but you will sooner or later come to your goal. In our eyes, the most important point is that you always have pleasure in the sport and do not force yourself into anything. If you need a break, then take it and continue with the workout later, you will see that something miraculous can happen.

What are your tips to improve your fighting?

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