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Tiger Muay Thai Trainer – At the Tiger Muay Thai Camp in Phuket you will find a large number of fabulous Muay Thai teachers who will teach you the art of fighting. Many of the coaches were very successful fighters and won many tournaments and medals. Today, however, their task is to pass on their knowledge to the students and prepare them for the upcoming fight. The best and most important Muay Thai trainers at the Tiger Muay Thai Camp in Phuket, we will introduce you here shortly, so you know who will teach you and what prices they have won already.

Kru Kay

Kay began to fight for the first time at the age of 10 years in his hometown Surin, in the northeastern of Thailand. He quickly gained a reputation as a strong fighter, won many bouts through knockouts, and thus gained a name in the fight-industry. At the age of 17, he moved to Bangkok to train at the famous Kiatsingnoi Muay Thai training camp, where he trained alongside Tiger Muay Thai for the rest of his career. Kay fought many great opponents like Orono, Attachai, Thongchai, Chatchai and Yokthai Sitor, and defeated many, but it was not enough for a title. At the age of 27 and after about 250 bouts, he retired from the competition and trained other fighters in Bangkok and Surin, where he raised masters like Lquezang Kor.Rungthanakeat.

After Tiger Muay Thai was opened, Kay was recruited to join the training team, since then he has been in the team and he is training the future stars on Phuket. His excellent work at TMT brought him into the position of the combat manager. He arranges fights for TMT fighters in the local stadiums, in Bangkok and overseas.

Kay is known for his unyielding training style, which focuses on the strength and endurance of his students.

  • Muay Thai Coach
  • Kru Kay – Fight Manager
  • Fight Name: Pichai Wor Wolapon
  • Fighting record: Over 250 fights
  • Title: Held the number 3 ranking at Lumpinee stadium

Kru Saksurin

Saksurin is one of the top super-lightweight Muay Thai fighters of the recent years. After winning the titles of South Thailand, Omnoi and Rajadamnern Stadium, he now brings his knowledge and skills to the new stars in Phuket. Saksurin also competes regularly at MMA competitions and trains this technique at Tiger Muay Thai Studio.

  • Muay Thai Coach
  • Kru Saksurin – Rajadamnern Champion
  • Nickname: “Top”
  • Fight Name: Saksurin Kiatyongyut
  • Battle record: 220 wins, 50 defeats
  • Title: Rajadamnern Stadium Champion, Omnoi Stadium Champion, South Thailand Champion

Kru Da

One of the most experienced veterans of Tiger Muay Thai. Danai fights since he’s 10 years old and still competes today, 27 years later. He is known for his great technique. Da won WMC title and remained a star in the Bangkok stadiums for many years before he began to work as a coach at Tiger Muay Thai in 2013.

  • Muay Thai Coach
  • Kru Da – Rajadamner’s Champion
  • Fight Name: Dendanai P.K.Stereo
  • Battle record: 300+ battles
  • Title: Rajadamnern Champion, WMC Champion

Kru Oh

Kru Oh comes originally from Udon Thani, in the north-east of Thailand. He has been training Muay Thai and MMA for over 10 years. He himself is fighting Muay Boran for a long time in Burma as well as Muay Thai, MMA and Krabi Krabong. Today, he teaches the techniques of the various combat battles at the Tiger Muay Thai Camp in Phuket. Oh is 34 years old and is known to have a smile on his face and to train and motivate the students in a very special way.

Oh also speaks English very well and is known for his extraordinary ability as a tattoo artist. If you are thinking about stinging a traditional Sak Yant tattoo that will give you strength to fight, then Oh is the right man for you.

  • Muay Thai Coach
  • Kru Oh – Muay Boran & Krabi Krabong
  • Fight Name: Waigoon Promsuwan

Kru Phet

Kru Phet is the head trainer of Tiger Muay Thai, who has been teaching the fighting style at Tiger Muay Thai Phuket since its opening in 2003. At the age of 13, he started fighting in Sisaket, his home town in the north-east of Thailand. In his 70 bouts, he won 4 gold medals in the national amateur Muay Thai tournaments. Relatively early, he began to stop the competitions. His journey took him to Bangkok where he learned fluent English and then continued to Phuket, where he began to teach Muay Thai.

Now the head trainer of Tiger Muay Thai is responsible for supervising all coaches. But he still teaches regularly and helps students as best they can to improve their skills.

  • Muay Thai Coach
  • Kru Phet – Head Trainer
  • Fight Name: Buaphet Wor Por Sisaket
  • Battle record: 70 wins 18 losses
  • Title: 4 x Amateur Muay Thai Gold medal winners

In the Tiger muay Thai Camp, there are many other teachers, who are also very good at sharing their knowledge. Guaranteed you will have a great time there and learn the basics of Muay Thai. If you are already advanced, the trainers teach you to improve your fighting skills and bring you to a new level or prepare for your an upcoming fight.

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