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Muay Thai Running and Jogging: In order to optimally complement the Muay Thai training a good running training is essential. Real Muay Thai Running and Jogging Training strengthens the leg muscles and improves endurance. Here we present optimal running and jogging techniques for the Muay Thai and MMA training.

All tips for a good Muay Thai running routine – Everything about thaiboxing running techniques


The Muay Thai running technique:

Professional Muay Thai fighters running a lot and in different variations. The most effective technique is to run on tiptoe. Thus, the calf muscles are strengthened and promoted the correct posture and technique in combat. However, this running technique has a disadvantage: the joints and tendons of the legs are excessively stressed. Therefore is strongly discouraged to run the whole running or training distance with this technique.


The Right Running Surface:

Running on the right surface plays a major role. Asphalt roads are generally to be avoided rather because they are a huge burden on the legs. More likely to recommend is walking on forest trails and grass as well as special tartan tracks, as they are actually found on any sports field. Those who are lucky enough to be able to go jogging on a beach, protect their joints and immensely increased the effort needed for running on sand, makes itself felt in a better fitness.


When go running?

  • Professional fighters running ideally daily in the morning before training. If the fighter is in a fight preparation phase he should take place a second run before the afternoon training.

On one day of the week should be rested and held no running training.

  • Hobby fighter should run 3-5 times a week. If the fighter is in preparation phase an increase to 4-6 times a week is advisable.


The various Muay Thai running drills:

The running workout should vary continuously during Muay Thai training. It should be rotated between these running workouts:

  • Moderate run up to 10 kilometers
  • Hill runs from 8-10 kilometers
  • Fast runs up to 5 kilometers
  • Slow endurance runs up to 6 kilometers


Running routine pro fighter:

2 times a week:

  • Short and quick run up to 5 kilometers
  • Hill run 8-10 kilometers

Once a week:

  • Long moderate run up to 10 kilometers
  • Slow and steady run up to 6 kilometers

1 day of rest.

! 7-10 days before a fight the intensive courses (mountain running, faster running) should be avoided!


Muay Thai running routine for amateur fighters (evening training)

Once a week:

  • Short And quick run up to 5 kilometers
  • Long moderate running up to 10 kilometers including run variations (see below)
  • Slow and steady run up to 6 kilometers
  • Intensive run: Stair climbing, mountain running or similar


Run variations for good Muay Thai Training:

On the long 10 km run various running techniques should be used. So it is  ideally to switch between the following variations:

short sprints, running backwards, running sideways, possibly shadow boxing while running.


Muay Thai jogging gear – Best Muay Thai Running clothing:

The best shoes for MMA Running Training:

Running training requires very little equipment. Good footwear is indispensable. Especially on hard surfaces. Only with good running shoes you can prevent injuries of the joints and ligaments. At the beach it is also possible to running barefoot.

The best MMA running and jogging shoes: Muay Thai World recommends the Nike Free models.The best series: 5.0 (+) and 4.0

Here you can find all Nike Free Models for running training (Men and Women)


Pants for Muay Thai Running:

For running workout we recommend a Muay Thai Short or a lightweight running pant depending on the climate and environment (long or short according to climate).

Find more Muay Thai Shorts here

All running pants and shorts


Running shirts, gear and underwear:

In Thailand free upper body are rather undesirable in public. However for Muay Thai fighters will gladly made ​​an exception. Nevertheless, it is respectfully to use reasonable clothing. Muay Thai World recommends a simple T-shirt or running shirt.

In colder climes, of course, good running equipment is required. This includes the right running shirt, a running jacket or a sweater run. The correct thermal underwear may also be necessary on very cold days.


Find more running equipment here: Shirts, Jackets, Sweatshirts, Underwear


Muay Thai World wishes all athletes success in running and steady progress. With the help of these Muay Thai running drills this should be achieved without further problems. Keep running!

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