Shin conditioning Muay Thai – Your way to rock hard shins


Shin Conditioning tips and exercises: Who doesn’t know the brutal training methods? In many MMA-Movies you can see fighters conditioning their shins in a brutal way. How it really works? We show you here.

Shin Conditioning Muay Thai – How to get rock hard shins

Rock hard legs are the dream of every Muay Thai fighter. They bring enormous benefits in the fight and the legs are better equipped to elbow blocks and kicks. Therefore, a healthy and continuous shin conditioning training is essential. Here are all the tips and training methods for rock hard Muay Thai shins.

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The best Shin conditioning drills and tips


  • Train your shins with patience and endurance:

Getting rock hard Muay Thai Killer legs overnight? Impossible! If you want hard shins, you need one thing: perseverance and continuity. The intensive training shin conditioning training will cost a lot of time and pain. But in the end it will be worth. Don’t stop and go on conditioning shins everyday.

  • Train kicks on the heavy bag – Shin Conditioning exercises:

Only through countless kicks on the heavy bag you can really effectively toughen your shins. Do in each training session, a minimum of 100 kicks on the Heavy Bag. Training on Heavy Bag brings besides the shin Resilience many other positive effects such as increased stamina, increased Kick-force and improved technique with it.
The pain after the Heavy Bag Training is a good sign and you’re well on your way to a rock hard shin.

  • Sparring:

Sparring is another essential part of shin conditioning and Muay Thai training equal. In the beginning, you should start sparring with protective equipment to perform the kicks strong. Your partner will naturally blocking and counter-attacking. Strong punches and blocks are of course also keenly felt by the protective equipment. Your shins will get harder and more resistant.

Sparring without protective equipment: In Thailand sparring without protective equipment is nothing special.

  • Treatment of the shins:

Just after the Muay Thai you should take care about your legs. So you can improve and promote the healing process and your shins will get harder sustainably. Of course, time heals all wounds, with the following tips but it’s definitely faster:

Panacea: Hot water – Put on a towel with warm to hot water on your shins and legs. Dents and knots you should now massage slowly and gently from top to bottom of the leg. But never do this with too large pressure!

Tigerbalm and Muay Thai Oil: After the massage with warm water you should apply Tiger Balm or Muay Thai Oil gently on the damaged shin. This promotes the blood circulation and thus the healing process.

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  • The proper supply of calcium and vitamin D:

Vitamin D and calcium are essential partners in the muscle and bone structure. If you feed yourself healthy, you do already almost everything right. However, you can optimize and accelerate harden your shins with some food supplements. This is also never a mistake in a weight loss phase. If you effectively conditioning your shins in Muay Thai style, you should ensure a daily supply of 1000 mg calcium anyway. In addition, should always be 100% covered in vitamin D daily requirement.

Good preparations are:

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Muay Thai Shin Conditioning: Harden your shins for Muay Thai, kickboxing and other combat sports is not the most pleasant exercises but essential. With a lot of discipline and perseverance and of course some pain itself you should do great progress in nearly future. Your pain threshold will be enormously improved upward and your kicks will cause far more damage than ever before. Muay Thai World wishes you success in your shin conditioning. Chok Dee.

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