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Muay Thai Gear: Although during Muay Thai bouts, the fighter competes only in shorts, there is mainly in training a lot of useful training gear that Thai boxers need. Here we present you the best Muay Thai equipment and where you can buy it.

Muay Thai Gear – Everything you need to know about Thai Boxing Equipment


Personal protective equipment for Muay Thai fighters:

Muay Thai Shorts:

The Muay Thai Shorts are part of the basic equipment of every Thai boxer and serve to cover the fighters and to make them easier to identify for the spectators (red corner / blue corner).

Muay Thai Shorts are nowadays available in several colors, patterns and variations and are produced by many brands and manufacturers all over the world. Besides Fairtex, Tuff, Hanumann, Top King, and even large corporations like Adidas, there are many many small brands that offer Thai Boxing Pants and equipment. The best companies for Muay Thai Gear but definitely come from Thailand. (Thailand)

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Muay Thai Groin Protector / Groin guard:

The groin guard is part of the mandatory equipment in competition. It serves to protect the fighters from dangerous kicks into manhood and serious injuries.

Find more Thai Boxing Groin Guards here


Muay Thai Mouth Guard:

Also, the mouth guard is mandatory. It protects the teeth of the fighter and is an integral part in Thai boxing. The mouth guard is available in many shapes, colors and even designs.

Known Mouthguard manufacturer are: Shock Doctor, Everlast, Adidas or Venum. However, you can also let manufacture you an expensive and unique high-tech variant in a dental laboratory. This mouthguard fits exactly to your teeth and is ergonomically really perfect.

Find more Mouthguards for Muay Thai and MMA Fighters here


Muay Thai Hand wraps:

Hand wraps support the ankles, fingers and wrists and are therefore they are an absolute must have in the martial arts sports. They reduce the pressure at the impact and spread the force of the punch all over the hand. Meanwhile, there are even variants with gel inserts. These reduce the risk of joint sprain considerably.

See all hand wraps for Thai Boxing here

Muay Thai Ankle Support:

Ankle supports in the Martial Arts have to support the joints and tendons in the foot optimally. In Thai boxing, one ankle support per foot is allowed.

Find more Ankle Pads and Brace Guards for Kickboxing here


Muay Thai Boxing Gloves:

Boxing gloves protect the hands and protect the enemy fighters against gross violations and are an integral part of civilized martial arts. Earlier but also Muay Thai fights were fought with hard rope bandages. Even today, in few tournaments and battles, especially in Thailand, it is possible to fight with rope bandages. Of course with the agreement of both fighters.

Modern boxing gloves impress with fantastic designs and good workmanship and are sold by many big brands.


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Muay Thai training equipment:

Head protection / Head Guard:

A head protection is rather less used in Thailand. Fighters in Thailand only use a head protection in training or sparring. Fights with head protection, however, are not seen in Thailand.
In Europe or the United States, however, many amateurs fighters use protective equipment and head guards.

Find more Head Guards here


Thai Punch Mitts:

The small punch mitts serve as a  good target for punches and kicks, especially at head height. The trainer can move this punch mitts extremely quickly and demand quick combinations from the fighter.

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Thai Kick Pads:

The large Thai Pads are used primarily as a target for strong kicks to body height or lower. Due to their large surface, they  can absorb a lot of extreme force. Thai Pads are the best partner for strong kicks in Thai Boxing.

Find more Thai Kick Pads here


Shin Guards:

Shin guards are not rare among beginners in sparring as effective protection. Even the coach wearing shin guards to block and counter attacks on the fighters perform. Many shinguards nowadays are decorated quite appealing and thus a real eye catcher.

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Belly protector:

The belly protection is worn by the trainer and serves as a target for the forward kick or Theep. The fighter can carry the Theep with full force at the Belly Protector without harming the trainer.

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Where to buy Muay Thai equipment online? All tips here – The best Shops for Thai Boxers

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