Muay Thai Supplements – Omega 3, Isotonic drinks, Green tea powder


Thai boxing Supplements Part 2: In addition to proteins, minerals and vitamins there are many other dietary supplements. We will introduce 3 more useful additions for Muay Thai training.

Thai Boxing Supplements – All about Omega 3, Isotonic drinks and rehydration in Muay Thai training


Omega 3 fish oils:

Omega 3 oils are derived from fish oil. These fatty acids are the basis for health and well-being. Studies show that Omega 3 helps in the fight against heart disease, and increases the general well-being. In addition, the essential fatty acids store carbohydrates and burn fat at the same time.


Key benefits of omega 3 fatty acids:

  • helpful against heart disease
  • supports fat burning
  • generally increased well-being

Omega 3 in foods: fish

Omega 3 as a dietary supplement in the MMA Training:

Not everyone can eat fish every day. Therefore, an optimal balance can reached by Omega 3 supplements. These include the important fatty acid highly concentrated and in purest form. An adequate supply can be ensured.


The best Omega 3 capsules for MMA and Muay Thai fighters:

Find all Omega 3 Fish Oil products for MMA training here


Green tea powder:

Green tea acts as an antioxidant in the body and can thus promote the process of fat burning. In addition, green tea fights successfully against headaches, digestive problems and increases the feeling of well-being.


Key benefits of green tea powder:

  • General well-being
  • optimized fat burning
  • Against head and body aches

Green tea in nature: The antioxidants are highly concentrated in green tea.

Green tea powder in martial arts training:

Green tea extract could be particularly valuable in the weight loss phase for Muay Thai fighters and other martial arts fighters. Green tea can be consumed in powder form to reach a general well-being.


The best green tea powder extracts for Muay Thai fighters:

All green tea products for Thai boxing


Isotonic drinks and rehydration in Muay Thai Training:

Especially when you are training in Thailand an isotonic rehydration is recommended. Due to the extreme sweating during Muay Thai workout, the body loses a lot of extremely important minerals and electrolytes. This must be immediately compensated. Only if you compensate the loss of minerals you can stay strong and powerful.


IsoGel, Isotonic powder and Isotonic drinks for Muay Thai Training:

The demand for minerals and electrolytes can be covered in several ways. Recently mainly Isogels are the best way to refuel your body with minerals and electrolytes. These does not overload the stomach and deliver everything in concentrated form, which the body needs. Drinks can this do this also but affect the stomach during training. Isotonic powders are dietary supplements that need to be blend by you. So powders are recommended rather for rehydration after exercise.

Especially during intense running and Muay Thai workout, the use of isotonic drinks is recommend for athletes. During training, the supply of normal water is sufficient. If the Muay Thai or endurance training exceeds one hour, it is highly advisable to use isotonic sports drinks for recovery.


The best Isogels, and sports drinks for rehydration in Thai boxing and MMA:

All isotonic drinks for Muay Thai


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