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Muay Thai is a very special art of martial arts. So it is not surprising that the Muay Thai also plays the leading role in many movies. One of the most famous Muay Thai movie is probably “Ong Bak”. The spectacular moves and scenes have made the movie all over the world famous. Here come the best Muay Thai Movies ever.

Muay Thai Movies – The best Thai Boxing Movies to watch

Another classic of the Muay Thai movies is the title “Kickboxer” with Jean Claude Van Damme in the lead role. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Because in addition to Chok Dee, Muay Thai Chaiya there are many other great Muay Thai movies which are made ​​for exciting action cinema.

Muay Thai Movies List – An Overview

  • Kickboxer

“The Kickboxer” is one of the best Muay Thai Movies and a cult movie from the late 80s. The first-class occupation and the relatively realistic insight into the traditions of Muay Thai make this film an absolute must for martial arts fans.

Jean-Claude van Damme Kickboxer: The Kickboxer with Jean Claude van Damme is a true classic. The kickboxing champion Eric and his brother Kurt to travel to Thailand to fightt it with the best of Muay Thai sports. But the overpowering Thom Pho is Eric Sloane not grown. After some time in the hospital Eric is in a wheelchair and not able to walk the rest of his life. His brother Kurt vows revenge and decides beat Thom Pho with his own weapons: Muay Thai.

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  • Muay Thai Chaiya

The Muay Thai movie “Muay Thai Chaiya” is by no means a dull spanking film. Much more can be Muay Thai Chaya called a Drama which was mixed with great fight sequences. Also on spirituality and the heart of a fighter is discussed in more detail. Who is looking for a good athlete drama, with Muay Thai Chaiya will be delight.

Muay Thai Chaiya: The three friends Piak, Pao and Samor grow up together in a small village right on the beach in Thailand. They all train the almost extinct and secret martial art Muay Thai Chaiya. They all have a common dream: to be the single best fighter in the ring. To realize their dream, they travel to Bangkok. While the rebellious Piak gets involved with the underworld and becoming a shadow of himself, Pao creates the rise as a celebrated Muay Thai fighter. But soon the friends are enemies against …

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  • Ong Bak: Muay Thai Warrior

Ong Bak is a true classic among Muay Thai movies. The Thai action film has especially at all to offer the best action stunts in addition to a pretty good story. The Thai prodigy Tony Jaa knows how to impress with hard hitting fight scenes and incredible stunts. His elaborate stunts are all made ​​without a computer technology and therefore unbelievable.

Ong Bak 1: Ting has to bring back the stolen head of Ong-Bak Buddha statue to his village community. The theft is a disaster for the village, because it is feared that with the disappearance of the sanctuary, the halcyon days of the believing community are counted. To get the statue back, Ting follows the alleged thief to Bangkok, where he hopes to get help from the former villager George. So far Ting has sworn using his unique martial arts skills only in last consequence. But to rerun Ong Bak and thus to save his village, he is ready for anything …

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  • Ong Bak 2

Ong Bak 2 could never really connect to the success of the first part and is a completely independent story. Nevertheless, the film with good and brutal action scenes do come up and envelops the viewer in a Southeast Asia of the Middle Ages. Ong Bak 2 is one of the best Muay Thai action films and absolutely convinces with sophisticated stunts with the old master Tony Jaa.

Ong Bak 2: Thailand, 1431 During the time of King Naresuan performs the power-hungry Lord Rachasana a bloody fight to become the ruler over the entire kingdom. His fearsome warriors eventually kill Sidhadeco General and his wife. Her son Tien had to see the brutal murder of his parents at close quarters and fled into the jungle. Living under the protective custody of a influence man the years pass and Tien (Tony Jaa) learned through rigorous training in addition to the skills of martial arts also Khon, the art of Thai mask dance. So he is ready to revenge the murders of his parents…

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  • Ong Bak 3

Ong Bak 3 also plays back rather in the mystical world of Southeast Asians Middle Ages. The old master Tony Jaa convinced again in this part with great Muay Thai fight scenes and traditional martial arts.

Ong Bak 3: Tien (Tony Jaa) has lost almost everything: father, step-father and his brothers were murdered. Completely exhausted and at the end of his strength leave him now also the martial arts, for which he has been training hard all his life. Captured by Lord Rajasena (Sarunyu Wongkrachang), he is sentenced to 13 cruel torture punishment and eventually tortured to death. Revived by the villagers, Tien tries to find his new powers and tame the demons of the dark side of his soul. The broken Muay Thai Warrior learned through meditation and discipline the new martial arts Natayuth. This makes him stronger than ever. Unstoppable he prepares for a cruel revenge on his tormentors Demon Crow (Dan Chupong) and Rajasena.

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  • (Ong Bak: New Generation) – Bangkok Knockout

Ong Bak New Generation is actually called Bangkok Knockout and was to better marketing in Germany simply renamed in Ong Bak. The movie has absolutely nothing to do with his eponymous predecessors. The story of Bangkok Knokcout is hardly worth mentioning. But who needs them at a Muay Thai movie? Who wants to hard-hitting martial arts action, will find something nice here.

Ong Bak – New Generation: A group of martial artists from alle over the world (Muay Thai, Capoeira, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, etc.) wake up in a room. Nobody knows neither where nor why he is there. Only dare they remember what they did the night before. But they all have one thing in common: they belong to a mysterious “Fight Club”. The rooms are all equipped with cameras, because someone drives a wicked game with them.

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  • Tom Yum Goong 2: Return of the Warrior

Tony Jaa is back! In Revenge of the Warrior of the Artist is a worthy comeback and convinced as ever thanks good fight scenes. Muay Thai fans will definitely have al lot of fun with this movie.

Tom Yum Gong 2 – Return of the Warrior: Kham is suspected of murdering the head of an elephant camp and dives under. Because not only the police is in pursuit, but also the nieces of the murdered are looking for revenge. As Kham also seems to fall into the clutches of the underground organization for illegal fights and his gangster boss LC, it’s time to escape…

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  • Tom Yum Goong 1: Revenge of the Warrior

Tony Jaa just knows how to produce high-class Muay Thai movies. The new action star in Thailand actually knows how to convince with great choreography and fight scenes in each of his films. The outstanding action scenes can confidently called upper-class cinema in the martial arts class and are a delight for all Muay Thai and action movie lovers.

Although the story is almost a remake of the original Ong Bak 1 but as always plays face a rather enigmatic role.

Tom Yum Gong 1: Honor of the beast: Living in a small Thai village everything is actually so beautiful. Until one day, a gang of criminals, a holy elephant and its baby elephant steals. This brings the young Kham on the plan, which is the sole successor of a glorious warrior caste. He sets out on the long journey to rediscover the animal. His journey leads him from Bangkok to Sydney, on which he gets to deal with a dangerous drug ring.

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  • Chok dee

Chok Dee is a very authentic Muay Thai movie based on a true story and tells the story of the legendary fighter Dida. The fight movie comes without ornate action scenes and presents life as a Muay Thai fighter in a realistic way. Nevertheless, there is of course the entertainment not too short. The very fact that the Muay Thai movie is based on a true story, it provides an insight into the Muay Thai Life in Thailand.

The main role of Chok Dee the Thai boxers Dida plays itself. He puts himself on not bad and plays its own role personable and professional.

Chok Dee is definitely one of the best realistic Muay Thai Movies of all time and an absolute mandatory title in the well-stocked DVD shelf of Martial Arts and Muay Thai fans.

Chok Dee: The young Dida from Paris is again and again in conflict with law. When he was finally arrested, he has to send some time in jail. There he meets a former Muay Thai Champion in Thailand. After a few training sessions Dida decides for the Muay Thai training in Thailand and tries to become a champion. But the road to a professional fighter is not easy…

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  • Born To Fight

Born to Fight is a production of the makers of Ong Bak. Thus, unique action scenes are safe. Originally from the 2005 film is a complete Thai production and a true Action fireworks. How some stunts are repeated again in slow motion. For Martial Arts and Action Fans Born to Fight is a good title with genuine elite athletes from Thailand.

Born to Fight: After the Special Agent Deaw (DAN Chupong) has arrested the drug lord General Yang in a major operation and, like his friend and boss was killed during the operation, he has retired from the police service. He joins a group of elite athletes who travel to a large Fete in a small village on the border of Burma.

But the rural idyll is deceptive: Shortly after their arrival, attacked the village of terrorists and threaten to kill all the inhabitants, when General Yang is not released. Deaw and athletes is clear: they must act, if not thousands of innocent hostages will die. A heroic battle begins …

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  • Kickboxer Vengeance

Jean-Claude Van Damme returns for a new chapter in the adrenaline charged Kickboxer legacy. Kurt Sloane (Alain Moussi) has always been there for his brother, Eric (Darren Shahlavi), who’s known in the martial arts world as a modern-day warrior. But when the ruthless and undefeated fighter Tong Po (David Bautista) brutally ends Eric’s life in a no-holds-barred match in Thailand, Kurt devotes himself to training with a master (Van Damme) in a quest for redemption… and revenge. Featuring MMA champions Georges St-Pierre, Gina Carano, Cain Velasquez and Fabricio Werdum, Kickboxer: Vengeance delivers a one-two punch of jaw dropping fights and death defying stunts.

Even if this remake can not reach the quality and story of Kickboxer, it is a nice opportunity to waste some time – suitable for all fighting fans…

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Also available in: German, Thai


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