Muay Thai: All about Thai Oil and Tiger balm


In Muay Thai and martial arts often special balms and oils are used. The Thai oils and the Tiger Balm are probably the best known. For what they find application and where you can buy it? Find out here!

Muay Thai Oil Liniment: Tigerbalm, creams and more- All information about application, side effects and ingredients.

The effect of Thai Oil in Muay Thai and other Martial Arts:

What the Thai oil is actually used, outsiders rarely understand. Professionals on the other hand know exactly for what it is used in Muay Thai, Kickboxing and MMA. Thai oils, Thai creams and the famous Tiger Balm warm the muscles, release tension and relieve pain and aching muscles. Moreover blunt trauma is deflected to the fighters a little bit.
Thai oils in other sports:

But not only fighters appreciate the unique effect of Thai oils and liniments. In this day and age other athletes and sports have discovered the advantages of Thai Oil and ointments for themselves. Not seldom they can be found in football, hockey or other athletics. The circulation-promoting effect and the prevention of joint problems, bruises, a shortened warm-up phase are just a few of the many advantages …


Components Muay Thai oil – Liniment:

Muay Thai Boxing Liniment Oil and is in Europe under the generic drug. They are non-prescription and freely available. Since the components of all purely natural and when applied externally are not dangerous.  Thai oils, liniments and ointments should always be applied only on the outside! Contact with mucous membranes, wounds or eyes should be avoided.

The ingredients of Thai oils and liniments:

1% menthol oil
4% methyl salicylate
95% alcohol

and other natural ingredients such as water and eucalyptus oil.
Not infrequently also arnica extracts is part of Thai oils.


Thai oil side effects:

Since Thai oils consists only of natural extracts, no side effects are expected, if the Thai oil is only used externally. Used internally Muay Thai oil is poisonous!

It is also not recommend for pregnant or nursing women!

With excessive use, it may come in very rare cases through the skin into the body / bloodstream. Slight kidney pain can be the result.


Is Thai oil dangerous for athletes and Muay Thai fighters?

Again and again the voices of athletes are heard, which reject the application of Muay Thai oils.

They fear that by the hot feeling of the body the readiness is fooled and this can lead to sports injuries.

Our assessment:

Muay Thai World can not confirm these concerns. Thai oils are an important part of Thai boxing and achieve when used correctly only positive effects!


Application of Muay Thai oil in the martial arts and Muay Thai:


Thai oil application before the fight:

Especially in hot countries is excessive warming up very exhausting. Muay Thai oils reduce this. Sometimes fighters are observed, which are not warm and rely only on the effect of Muay Thai oil and ointments.


The effect of Thai oils, liniments, Tigerbalm and Thai creams and ointments before the fight:

  • Fast automatic warm up of the muscles, tendons and ligaments.
  • Warm feeling.
  • Sliding effect on the body -> punches and kicks are a little distracted.
  • Reduction in pain sensitivity
  • Loosening the muscles


Thai oil for treatment after fights and training:

After a struggle, the body is very overused. Again, the ointments and Thai oils bring many advantages. Injuries heal faster and relieves pain. Even massage parlors often use Thai oils, since the relaxing and loosening effect is a feeling of wellbeing for the whole body.


The effect of Thai and Sports oils after the battle:

  • Alleviation of pain
  • Effective help with sprains and strains
  • Relaxation of muscles
  • Effective treatment of bruises due to blunt trauma


Other Medicine for martial arts and sport treatment: Muay Thai Tiger Balm / Counter Pain Balm


Tiger Balm in Muay Thai and MMA:

Tiger Balm has similar properties to the above Thai oils. But Tigerbalm is a solid ointment which is for use on the entire body not really suitable. Much more should selectively bruises, strains and arthritis, neuralgia, sciatica, lumbago, disc and cross complaints, muscle tension such B. stiff neck are treated. Pain due to sports injuries, such as sprains, bruises and strains can be effectively countered in connection with sports massages.

But even with colds like runny nose, cough, sore throat, bronchial or itching caused by insect bites Tigerbalm is a reliable partner.


Application Muay Thai – Tiger Balm and Ointments:

In Muay Thai Tiger Balm is used mainly for treatment of occasional bruises application. It is particularly suitable for bumps and lumps in the shin or tension of muscles. Tiger balm can come to use with a massage before or after the fight and training.


Counter Pain Balm and Creme:

Counter Pain Ointment is an medicine for treatment of painful sports injuries. Counter Pain ointments are available in cooling or warming up variation and it may offer an optimal solution for any sports injury.


Where to buy Muay Thai oils, ointments Liniment, Muay Thai cream and Tiger Balm?

In Thailand you can buy Thai oils and Tiger Balm best in pharmacies, drugstores, supermarkets or martial arts schools.
In the Western world, these funds are best and cheapest to purchase over the Internet. Here you will find an overview of the best Muay Thai oils and ointments that you can buy on the market:

See all Muay Thai Oils at Amazon

Tiger Balm at Amazon

The Thai oils and ointments are a solid and traditional element in Muay Thai and kickboxing. Many martial arts now have explored the positive effect of the traditional tinctures. Meanwhile, however, many other athletes have already become aware of the benefits of these ointments and oils. Precisely for this reason they can be found not only in Thai boxing.

Also available in: German, Thai


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  3. Patrick Markey on

    I recently purchased ” Tiger Head” balm and am assuming it is of same. I purchased it in Thailand at the ‘floating market’. Does anyone know if it the same as “Tiger Balm”??? It has given my mom who suffers with sever scoliosis relief. She has tried all the Western pharma.

    • Muay Thai World on

      It could be nearly the same. The ingredients should be the same – I think only a few percentage of ingerditens could be different.

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