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The hand wraps play an important role in the martial arts. In addition to boxing, kickboxing and many other martial arts the hand wraps are a fundamental part of combat and training equipment in Muay Thai. Here are all information about Muay Thai Hand Wraps.

Muay Thai Hand Wraps – why you need to wrap your hands

Muay Thai Hand WrapsMuay Thai bandages come always used when you embark in a fight or during the punching training in Muay Thai. Especially when you are training on the Heavy Bag it is the primary goal to protect your hands. Your hands are your tools, and as a soccer player wearing his shoes, you should never give up the handwraps.

The Muay Thai Hand Wraps protect the many small bones in the hand and keep it together. Since the human hand is a very complex part of the body with many small fragile bones and tendons, optimal protection is required.

In addition, the bandages protect your wrists. Muay Thai bandages are wrapped around the hand wrists and support these in a proper way. Above all fighters with small and rather weak hand wrists need all the support they can get from Hand Wraps. The full force of the punch can be develop only by fixed and rigid joints. If you do not protect you hands with hand wraps even violent and protracted injuries (bending of the joints) can be the consequence. This can even make an effective training impossible for a long time.

In addition to the protective function of the Muay Thai bandages these should also increase the effectiveness of the punches. Therefore, you must wrap the hands such that the knuckle and the fingers are in one line. This allows an optimal impact angle and increases the effectiveness of the punch significantly.

To use all the positive effects of Muay Thai hand wraps, they must of course be properly wrapped. So many coaches and fighters, there are so many personal preferences, in wrapping the hands. Basically, however, you should always  keep the following rules in you mind:

  • The bandages should not be wrapped too tightly. Otherwise, an optimal blood circulation can not be ensured.
  • The Muay Thai bandages should be wrapped this way that there is a little “cushion” on the ankles. This makes it possible to bring the fingers and knuckles on one line.
  • There are countless ways to wrap the bandages. Find out which feel most comfortable with for you.

The best Muay Thai Hand Wraps

Muay Thai Hand Wraps are available from many different manufacturers. Muay Thai bandages you buy the best in Thailand or the Internet.

The best Muay Thai Wraps at Amazon:

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Hand Wrap Instruction Muay Thai – Hand wrapping tutorial

As already mentioned above Hand Wraps can be wrapped in various ways. Basically, the ankles, the wrists and the upper hand must be wrapped. Some fighters apply even wrapping techniques in which they wrap the thumb too, which is nowadays the best way to protect your fist during training and fights.

Here you see two very good wrapping instruction tutorials for Muay Thai bandages – Mexican and Thai-Style.

Which Hand Wrapping Style do you prefer?

Also available in: German, Thai


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