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Muay Thai – which means literally “free boxing” – is a martial art and the national sport and the pride of Thailand. The Thai boxing has a long tradition and has produced many well-known athletes. Even today enjoys Muay Thai still very popular in Thailand and throughout Southeast Asia.

Muay Thai – information

The history of Thai boxing

Muay Thai is practiced in Thailand for over two thousand years, making it one of the oldest martial arts in general. The “science of eight limbs”, so fists, elbows, knees and feet, is the pride of the Thai people and emerged as Siam, as Thailand was 2000 years ago, a bitter war with Burma led. At that time the fighters learned the technique, with hands and feet to fight to add the overpowering opponents. One of the shining lights was at that time the legendary warrior Nhai Don Khon, which fell into captivity sheep of the enemies and won by defeating twelve armed warrior his freedom. This event and the effectiveness of the martial arts are two of the reasons for the high value, the Muay Thai enjoys today in Southeast Asia and especially in Thailand.

Muay Thai today

Today, Muay Thai is the same as for us the football for the Thais. In every major city there are stages and the most successful fighters are revered as heroes. The largest and most famous arena is in Bangkok and goes by the name Rajadamnern Stadium. This is where the best Muay Thai fighters in the country and enter a unique setting that resembles the Colosseum in Rome, against each other. What value holds the martial arts in Thailand, showing the location of the Rajadamnern Stadium. It is located in the immediate vicinity of the government building and the Headquarters of the United Nations is within view.
The Stars, the pride of Thailand has spawned, are innumerable. Among the most famous are Karuhat Sor Supawan and Buakaw Banchamek, whereby the Dutch Ramon Dekkers contributed significantly to the popularity of martial arts. In Germany Daniel Tex is currently the undisputed number one.

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